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Monday, January 29, 2007
  tokyo, you are so far away

Building as branding, as observed by the english edition of a south korean newspaper. Mikimoto is a pearl and jewelry company.


The New York Times reports that Culver City, a municipal entity in the belly of the beast Los Angeles, is quite happening. My childhood home is less than two miles from Culver City, and I had no idea of the recent developments in cool.

Apparently, there are more than TWO DOZEN contemporary art galleries here. They're likely to be profiled at the flog, an l.a. art blog with lots of good snaps. Reportedly, there are also many fine restaurants that serve the tasty food. This deserves as post of it's own.
  this is how we will stay alive


Until then, here's yesteryear's forgotten future parisian disco ballad.

Black Devil Disco Club- "H" Friend

picture by jay howell, brought to you by an unfortunately named SF-based art community hang-zone.
Friday, January 19, 2007
  frames without frames

last week, i finally 'got' why people frame pictures. something about glass and styled box just makes the photo look better. my tendencies is just to tape/tack everything up on the wall with varying degrees of grid and chaos, depending on the wall. this tiny vices installation in japan is more my style, but without all the clippings and scraps of paper and scramble scrawl.

my computer is broken, which means that theghostrobot will be taking a little break. i've got grand plans for the re-opening, but i don't want to promise too much. suffice to say i'm working on ways to incorporate more original material and less of an empty3 blog. i want to keep sharing the cool stuff that i find online, creating a little forever database of good stuff, but i also want to share more off-line cool stuff, like good views and hand-drawn thoughts. i'm also wondering how much of 'me' i want to put out there, but i'm leaning towards supreme confidence and putting it all out there.

hopefully, i'll see you in february, groundhogs!
Sunday, January 14, 2007
  go downtown

Here's a big gallery of Chicano murals in LA. I understand where the revolutionary and pre-Colombian motifs come from, but I've always wondered where all the clown and joker imagery comes from.

Thieves Like Us- Drugs in My Body

This is pretty much a wisp of New Order, merely a sign of the real thing, but it's a good way to start off a monday morning.
pen to paper, fingers to keys, mind at work, never at ease.

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