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Friday, July 29, 2005
  bigg boss of tha universe

The Voltron movie drops in 2007, and superstar space cadet Pharrell Williams will be behind the boards. If the casting director is looking for a large, intimidating figure to play the robot from Arus, look no further than Slim Thug. He's huge, he knows the Neptunes, and he's got more than enough platinum to make those five tiger-bots. Space invaders gonna learn whut it dew and whut it means to get screwed and chopped Houston style.

Slim Thug- I'm a Boss

Buy Already Platinum, already. Own the hottest rap release of the month, and be all up on that Houston scene.

Aeon Flux has lost her signiture hair, but we're trying to keep hope alive in 05, so I'll withhold judgement. So who's the musical equivalent of Aeon? Let's see... she's a super-animated- femme-fatale with links to terrorism, equally comfortable with espionage acronyms and music televsion. Hmmmmm.

M.I.A.- U.R.A.Q.T. (Diplo mix)

Buy Arular. It's worth it.
(She's here to stay. Show your grandkids in the bomb proof underground tunnels of the future.)
Friday, July 22, 2005
As with many colorful background characters, the mash-up has a mixed and questionable heritage. Mother was a Disco DJ, crashing one dance classic into another in those legendary clubs of fame and fashion. The old woman passed beatmatching on to her only child, and read him bedtime stories at night. Father Internet gave his son cheap software for his birthday, taught him about empeefrees at an early age, and nutured his growing obsession with pop culutre. The mash-up grew up to be big and strong, graduating from college, traveling the world, and finally ending up with his own radio show out in L.A. The mash-up can be crass, rattling off inside jokes and annoying puns. On the other hand, the mash-up can be great, bringing people, songs, and ideas together like his parents showed him.

Hollertronix also learned a thing or from Mama DJ and Papa Internet. The semi-monthly party has been putting Illadelphia on blast since 2003. Dynamic deejay duo Low Budget and Diplodocus figured out that new wave had a secret crush on dirty hip-hop. Low-b and Diplo played matchmaker on the ones and twos, and their mixtapes earned Hollertronix proper respect on the national level.

This is a Hollertronix mash-up of Lil' Flip's 'Game Over' and Radiohead's "Sit Down, Stand Up."

Hollertronix- Sit Down, Game Over

ps- I'm working on a blend of Grindin' and Staring at the Sun. I'll let you know how it works out.
Tuesday, July 19, 2005
  he has this future in...
We had one of those nights where driving around empty fields and neighborhoods of overstuffed mansions is simply the only thing to do. Crammed into a less than full-size cab, searching for where they kept the rest of the night, we listened to this song over and over. We got lost 4 minutes and fourteen seconds at a time, narrowly avoiding cops and soft mud.

The lyrics engaging and sacrastic without being cloying. The melody WILL get inside your head. The backup singing is wonderfully bizarre, and the guitar licks are exactly right. Oh, and the drums are simply perfect. A satisfying critical theory of popular music must explain why this song rules.

Making Plans for Nigel- XTC
Buy at least one album, and tell your friends the legend of the lost pop band.
Monday, July 18, 2005
  already working on fliers

Why this song?

1. Miami's Tony Butler aka Freestyle ruled the summer of 1984 with two ridiculous Debbie Deb jams, "Lookout Weekend" and "When I Hear Music." This marks the transition between Planet Bambatta inspired New York electro and dirty-dirty Miami bass.

2. It's a Hollertronix favorite, and I just reading finished a New Yorker piece on Diplo, DJ Marlboro, Bass and baile funk.

3. I just got a bunch of stuff from turntable lab, which means parites in the fall, which means 'pop your culture' will be poppin off.

Debbie Deb- Lookout Weekend

Wednesday, July 13, 2005
  raekwon shoots those robots

Hisham interviews Yoshimi in the Japan Issue of index magazine. She battled the pink robots, beat the drums in the Boredoms, and named her dog "Spy." Hisham starts one of his questions with "The tone of those black keys must match the one of your being."

On the journalismo tip, more magazines need country specific special issues. Photo, Hollywood, Summer, and Music are no longer cutting it.
Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Chances are slim, thug. Stakes is high, and streets is watching. Sure, Scarlett probably still makes cds for her girlfriends birthday's and listens to french novels on her iPod when she works out, but she's a hott minute away from being a million degree movie quasar that hangs out on the Mount Olympus in the center of the universe, talking to Terrence Stamp about the Stoics. I've probably got a week or so to do something incredible and meet her.

"Scarlett? This is a former blogger. He cured cancer. Twice."

"Oh. Hi."

Our blogger shuffles his feet nervously, throwing out his line like a well-worn pebble. "Scarlett, did you ever listen to the Slits?"

"Oh yeah. I met Ari Upp in Tokyo once. She's nice."

"Cool. Do you like, wanna dance?"

With a smile hotter than a million midnight suns, "Sure."

The Slits- Too Many Creeps

Buy a Slit yrslf.
Monday, July 11, 2005

Moving across the country= lack of posts.
A new post on an old blog steps to the stage, a harbinger of new hope! The vulture-junkie-critic has returned, with magpie postings plucked from across the internet sea! Wayward web Noah, I present you with a small twig, for we have found land!

I present two-thirds of the Unicorns. We can depend on them. They will take us there.

Islands- Flesh
Buy the Unicorns album.
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