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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
  human history in glass and steel
The National Museum of the Marine Corps is an amazing building. The huge steel ediffice looms over the surrounding Virginia scrub countryside, and lurks beside the sprawling military complex next door at Quantico. At first it's surprising that the Marines, one of the most conservative institutions in our society, would chose a contemporary steel and glass skinned building to celebrate its 23o year history. I would have imagined something brick, or marble columns, something more Monument and less monumental. As you stare, the building begins to transform. The 210-foot mast becomes a club, then a knife, then a razor, a bayonet, cannon, a tank's gun barrel, an implement of strength and power aimed at the sky. Then you realize that the towering Museum is this:

and everything makes perfect sense and you wonder whether any building could stand as tall as those soldiers. I haven't been inside, but the Museum caters to the lifelong brotherhood of proud Marines, perhaps exclusively. I may never stop and visit, but I am awed and reverential every time I drive past.

Another surprise: read about the structure's green design features here.
Sunday, February 25, 2007
  mounted tiger head

SNL digital short weekend update.
Tuesday, February 13, 2007
  a good idea gone bad
I added a best of ghost robot section to the right. It's a convenient home for some of the best posts on the site, and it will grow as I work my way through the archives. Thanks for reading.

Valentine's Day is good for flower sellers, chocolatiers, and happy couples. It's not great for everybody, and if you're not having the best one, listen up:

Life Is Phair (Vin Sol's Fuck and Run Remix)

Image credit goes to Steve Powers at deitch projects.
  "whre are they now (mid 00s blog mix)"
I updated my links. Many of my old favorites are dead and gone, but this here blog rolls on. Also, grindin is now well represented as well.

Rich Boy feat. Polow Da Don- Throw Some Ds (Them Jeans Edit feat. Spinto Band)

Listen to "Oh Mandy" by the Spinto Band here.

Them Jeans is hung there.

ps- getting proper attribution for remixes is kinda tedious and boring.
Tuesday, February 06, 2007
  homer simpson watching 'when buildings attack' on fox
Oh Dennis Oppenheim? He makes insane sculptures about buildings. That's all. And the metal and paint thing at left? It's a bus station in the middle of California. It's also a bus turning into a house. Nothing mind-blowing or anything.

Maybe a little. Maybe a lot.

Here's a building taking a drink of water.

Here's a song about a particular combination of love, intoxication, shyness and longing. You can dance to it. It's wholesome.

Walter Meego- Romantic
  gold records on my wall, blood on my hands
This was came out last August, and is probably a little topical, but I laughed really hard today. It's a spoof of the little known indie rock promotions industry, as well as music documentaries, pitchforkmedia, and america's most wanted. Stars Tapes N Tapes, Ted Leo, Devandra Barnhart, and Aziz Ansari. If you don't recognize any of those names, I could get back to posting about cool buildings, y'know, if you want.

My favorite part: "That's right, child arsonist. He burns kids."
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