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Friday, March 24, 2006
  baby steps

Nowhere Front- Miss Representation 2006 (130 mbs)

Sorry for the big file size. Feel free to skip around in there.

I messed up a lot of transitions, but some parts worked alright. Lots of classical type compositions matched with rap acapellas here- sorta gimmicky, but i'm growing. I'm too tired to analyze this right now. Maybe you'll just leave a comment. "Do you realize?" to "Shut Up" works pretty good. I feel much better about it now than i did last night.

Track List:
Come Get It- Yummy Bingham feat. Jadakiss
Battle Without Honor Or Humanity-Tomoyasu Hotei
You’ll See (Acapella)- Clipse/Re- Up Gang
White Tee- Dem Franchise Boyz
Tainted Love- Gloria Jones
S.O.S.- Rihana
Still Tippin (Acapella)- Mike Jones Feat. Slim Thug and Paul Wall
Marquee Moon- Kronos Quartet [Cover of a Televsion Song]
Oh Yes- Juelz Santana
Do You Realize- The Flaming Lips
Rubicon-Fred Falke
Shut Up- Trick Dadddy
XTC-Making Plans for Nigel
Lindbergh Palace Suite-Mark Mothersbaugh
Tell Me When To Go (Acapella)- E-40 feat. Keak the Sneak
Da Funk- Daft Punk
Like A Rolling Stone- Bob Dylan
Sympathy for the Devil- The Rolling Stones
Crips- Ratatat
Trick Me (Acapella)- Kelis
Michele Plays Ping Pong- Daisy Daisy
Coolie Dance Riddim Instrumental
Walk the Night- Skatt Brothers
Shake (Acapella)- Ying Yang Twins Feat. Pitbull
Unkown Baile Funk Song
Touch It (Diplo Remix)- Busta Rhymes/ Hollertronix
Beat Connection- lcd soundsystem
[two bars of Temporary Secretary-Paul McCartney]
GA girls- Ga girls
50 ways- Baltimore Bass Connection
Poppin My Collar- Three 6 Mafia
Notorious- Turbulence
  you're never really awake, and you're never really asleep
The Hidden Cameras- Ban Marriage

Underground gay Canadian folk pop collective writes songs good enough to compete with the novelty of their fantastic collection of descriptive adjectives. This song sounds gentle and innocous, but it's full of fairly graphic imagery and a radical idea or two. The descending xylophone line tells us we're going to hell in a white linen lined hand basket.

BREAK! I did a live DJ set last night in as a part of a student performers series. Most of my friends were their usual great selves and came out to support me. I didn't really advertise it- no mass emails or posters. I did make little handbills with a box of sharpies and some re-appropriated priority mail stickers. One appears on the left. I'll post the audio up later, as well as my opinion of it, and musings on the nervous system.

I will sue to protect my ineffectual properly rites.
Thursday, March 23, 2006
  word count is the conscience of wit
I'll be loading up a 70 minute live set in the next couple of days. I would do so now, but it's in a part of the house that's sleeping.

The Boy Least Likely To- Monsters

Banjo and drum and a keyboard meet in a small café to catch up on old times and end up talking about how school acquaintences have turned into blissfully unaware seat-fillers, shop-goers and line-standers.
Monday, March 20, 2006
  tha lindbergh palace could be disceet

My return to normalcy has been further delayed, but I think I'll be posting at least somewhat this week. Although there are many hurdles between here and graduation, I'm looking forward to having the free time to be able to indulge in this and this.

Romeo Void- Never Say Never

SONG! With more time, such coyness would be no crime. But there's no time, so we'll skip the literary flirting on this one. Addictive bass line, sultry hip-shake druming, wild percussion, heat-seeking punk horns, timeless post punk strum-strums, incredible vocals and infect your brain lyrics. "I might like you better if we slept together." Seriously, what rock lyric of this decade tops that?

This song makes the current wave of 'indie dance' take a long look in the compact, cut it's unisex emo haircut, and start thinking about that job at dad's bank.
Saturday, March 18, 2006
  straight up cheeky
So here's my remebered history of the critical reaction to Lady Sov. Dizzee Rascal, Wiley and Roll Deep Crew might have invented and defined grime, but Lady Sov made it a genre. A 19-year old white girl with sinister lyrical dexterity, Lady Soverign's mall rat rhymes about fake tan proved that grime could incorporate pop sensibilites and non-gangsta narratives. Her early singles and her appereance on grime's defining Run the Road comp made her a blogger's delight. The hype nearly turned into backlash after some the less impressive singles and a few immature performances in the States. When President Sean Carter reached down from Hip-Hop Olympia to sign her to Def Jam, fans became even more divided. Lady Sov's catch-up-for-the-U.S. EP on Chocolate Industries gives some fodder for the haters, but even more ammo for the fans. She's very talented, quite cheeky and appropriately immature. When she's rhyming about sleeping through tv appearences and being hungover for show's, it's on. When spitting Mean Girls raps about her rivals, it's very much less on. At her best she brings to mind the humor, irreverence, pop-culture obssesion, introspection and sheer rap talent of Eminem's first album. As she'll tell you, Feminem she's not, so let's have a listen.

Lady Soverign- Ch Ching (XXXchange mix)

Here's a label-provided Ch Ching remix by Alex Epton, the Spank Rock producer that I wrote about on here recently.

Lady Soverign- Cheeky (unknown white label remix)

Some exclusive heat for ya. Her ab-libs are high-larious, and the hard-as-screws grime beat complements her flow nicely. If you like these, go to iTunes and start with "Random," "Ch Ching," and Ghislain Poirer's remix of "Fiddle with the Volume."
Sunday, March 05, 2006
  new york ice cream tv travel good times
Judging from the impressions freely given by trusted friends, I get really excited about fairly insignificant events in pop culture history. Would admitting that I have a problem help?

1.I love the Natalie Portman Digital SNL Skit. I've watched 5-7 times today, and I think the instrumental is going to get stuck in my head. Lonely Island dudes are killing it right now.

2. In general, Youtube is changing my life. I've been spending a lot of time watching old Chapelle's show skits, music videos and other audiovisual ephemera.

3. Three 6 Mafia won an Oscar. I yelled out loud when it happened, then typed excited messages on messageboards. I'm waiting for it to show up on Youtube.

With your help your help, I can get through this problem and rejoin polite society. I will judge people not on the color of their charity wristband, nor the content of their iPod.

The Human League- The Things Dreams Are Made Of

This song is overwhelmingly brilliant.

EDIT: Didn't have to wait long for that oscar video to show up.
Thursday, March 02, 2006
  i'm dreaming my life away

Should this post be about internet stalking of artists and scene celebrities or depression? Let's start with their common point of departure.

To the left is Chan Marshall, a talented self taught musician who records as Cat Power. I posted her song "Free" a while ago, and she's got a new album, entitled The Greatest. Your local, or alternatively, your favorite alternative weekly should have a feature on her three weeks ago. Photo credit goes to epiclylater'd, an excellent photo blog run by one of the people at Vice Magazine.

Now, watch Cat Power's latest video, where she runs track in Britney Spears' red latex jumpsuit, bearing a cross, racing against young women in traditional Islamic veils. Harmony Korine, an experimental filmmaker most famous for his script for 1995's Kids, directs. The clips mixes the symbols of religion, war, race and celebrity to at least evoke, if not provoke, thought.

Livin Proof

I think that takes care of the internet-enabled obsession with minor-alt-culture-celebrities portion of this post. Here's one of the tracks from the Japanese import version of her aforementioned new album. It's an Everly Brothers cover. The original was popular sometime between when my parent's were in fourth grade and when they were in seventh.

Cat Power- Dreams

Do sad songs have to be sad? Her voice makes me think of a smoky night club, scratched hardwood floors dimly lit, the air filled with the persistent presence of the past. It's deeper than sad. It's decades of spilled drinks, terrible dates, sordid affairs, broken promises and missed little league games. Is itself music depressed? Is the singer? How can she sound like that? What is she really singing about, or better yet, what is she singing through?
pen to paper, fingers to keys, mind at work, never at ease.

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