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Wednesday, May 30, 2007
  epso thinks

From the Fader blogodrome. The slack jaw really says it all here.
Sunday, May 27, 2007
  nine jazz funk greats
I caught the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble outside Washington Square on Sunday, and they just about made my day. It's a big sound and a big band, and I couldn't fit all nine guys into frame. These eight-half brothers and a drummer make whole foods organic soul without any of the pretension associated with the supermarket (or modern jazz for that matter). They might be playing a street corner near you and slanging cd-rs, but they're performing at James Brown tribute show at the Apollo with Mos Def and Maceo on June 11. Listen to "Mercury" below.

Read their blog.
Watch the video for "War."
Read Edwin "Stats" Houghgton's take in the FADER.
Tuesday, May 22, 2007
  "Do it with the white and the black like a cop car"
The Shop Boys- "Party Like A Rock Star"

Playing golf with the Osbornes, Travis Barker, the expression "cowabunga, dude," Pamela Andersen, a giant explosion that forms the devil horns, a mohawks, five dudes in Kiss makeup, smashing guitars, trashing hotel rooms, babes on car hoods, crowd surfing, rocking out in the trailer park, skull belts and wallet chains, lampshade hats, Marylin Manson, whipped cream, air guitar, doing donuts in the dirt, facial piercings, Jack Daniels, and the Titanic!

The Shop Boys make being white look fun! Modern rock alternative, where you at? Fred Durst remix coming soon!
Monday, May 21, 2007
  crab fishing kittens

Corey Arnold is a photographer and a fisherman. He has a feature up at FFSF, and more work at Richard Heller Gallery. I've been sharing this with just about everybody. These are amazing images with care, skill and humor. Ice fishing, crabs and kittens!
Tuesday, May 15, 2007
  It's All About the Benjamins (Rock Remix)

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Late Nineties Bad Boy Videos

1. The lengthy home video opening is not self-indulgent. It's a way to showcase the LOX's actings skills. Theater departments is watching.

2. Styles P doesn't have a verse in this song, but he knows the difference between a deer and a flat.

3. It's a million dollar tour bus with leather couches and mirrors and all kinds of accouterments, but there's no spare. None.

4. Just look how much the Chris Isak cow tux Puff annoys Cool Puff Daddy. Dualism people! This may be the second version of a remix video, but Puff has something to SAY. Clearly the inspiration for TI vs. TIP.

5. The song is actually really, really good. Better than "Party Like A Rockstar" or Trick Daddy's Ozzy sampling "Let's Go," or whatever. Q: Why?

6. A: Dave Grohl on drums.

7. And: Rob Zombie screams!

8. What about the completely unexplained pyro? Where did the light show come from? A/V kids are always ready to rock. Always. Even booking an REM cover band could not stop the rock.

9. Kimberly Rebecca Worthington had been a small town girl with a great chance of becoming Suburbtown High School's Miss Prom Queen 1998. A momentous flat tire and ill-timed bathroom break changed all that. Becky, as she was known then, mostly ignored the first two verses of this "rock-rap," opting instead to head for the punch until the slow jams returned. Then Sheek Louch mentioned that he was "trying to cop those/ colossal sized Picassos," and awoke inside Becky- something materialistic and fashionable and rappy. She headed for the stage. Conveniently, Kim had worn a bondage bikini under the taffeta that night for Bobby Quarterback (he had a thing for Madonna back then). Lil' Kim tore it off and proceeded to tear it up. While an amazing first performance, her inexperience is plainly evident in the long pauses and lack of curses in her verse.

10. Witness the power of an awkward prom photo montage.

11. Joking aside, Biggie's verse is just out of control. Shit is inspiring. I'm going to smash this guitar, then you're going to smash the drum set, then the whole band is going to trash the stage, and then we're going to fuck up this whole school. The streamers, the chem lab push cart, the papers, the books, fuck everything up. And Tabby, don't forget the trophy case. We're going back to the tour bus, and we're partying for Brooklyn.
  i can see the sun
Pitchfork just upped the official video for Gui Boratto's "Beautiful Life." South American sunshine poured into minimal Kompact techno, "Beautiful Life" has been one of my favorite songs in the last couple of months. It's eight minutes of effusive joy, an simple appreciation that you can't possibly count all of the good things in life.

The official video tries to capture this timeless feeling with shots of cheery grandparents working with their hands and a family enjoying life's innumerable small pleasures. It's moving scene, but I like this homemade version better. Driving through Buenos Aires at sunset, a driver's side mirror reflects what's gone by as the car hurls forward. The hand held camera jumps around a bit, but there remains a sense of stillness and calm amidst all the motion. It could just be my headphones, but the track sounds much more like a private moment of revelation than a communal celebration of shared feeling. The youtube'd video captures this personal intensity with single perspective, whereas the official flick tries to make the feeling appear more universal. Summer is here, so please enjoy either or.
Saturday, May 12, 2007
  kanye west

Kanye West hired Murakami to do the artwork for Graduation, his next album, and samples Daft Punk's "Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster" on one of the tracks. It's a little unexpected, but it makes lots of sense.
Thursday, May 03, 2007
  glitter and doom
Tuesday, May 01, 2007
  ninety-nine cent city

"Advertising works best precisely because we don't think it works on us."

Check out Catchdubs' "Pump It Shawty."

Megan Whitmarsh embroiders yeti-rock keg parties with some mountains and some lazers. It's cute and crafty, and here's an interview with her.

These Rocks Pop is doing a really good job these days. A couple of jams everyday in the 'no format' dj style, and some goofy pictures.
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