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Saturday, October 06, 2007
  image onslaught


A warp speed British ad about the imaging of beautiful women. It's selling soap and the "Dove Self Esteem Fund," but it's thought-provoking marketing against marketing. Here's another one, very similar to this flash graphic on girl magazine cover photoshopping that ran here back in December 05. I guess it's still an issue, huh?
  square-headed birds

I like to imagine that the inside of people's heads look just like their apartments, with posters tacked up the skull wall, piles of unsorted papers and a maybe a cushy futon for guests. FFSF's studio visit series confirms most of my suspicions and gives a good look at both kinds of artist interiors. Check out their Dutch field trip to visit the excellent and omnipresent Parra.

They've also got new urban animal diorama paintings from Josh Keyes, and an oldish interview with Matt Furie, pen and ink of his tragic adult muppets and star of the current radness at New Image Art.
Monday, October 01, 2007
  other tastes
One of the pioneers of the New Journalism along with more celebrated writers like Tom Wolfe and Hunter S. Thompson, Terry Southern wrote short stories, a couple of novels, Dr. Strangelove and a good part of Easy Rider. Esquire sent him out to cover the 1968 Democratic convention with drug buddy William Burroughs and post-modern theorist Jean Genet, and it'd be a challenge to come up with better late-sixties cool credentials. At its best, his short story collection Red Dirt Marijuana and Other Tastes approaches counter-culture lost gospel. "Twirling at Ole Miss" is a proto-gonzo investigation into the teenage baton battalion, and "The Sun and the Still-born Stars" is a moving piece about films and farms set in James Agee's America. Although a little tarnished (and dated) with a sixties liberal brand of soft racism, "Razor Fight" is a fantastic country bar crapshoot tragedy and " You're Too Hip Baby" is dead-on portrait of white college kids trying hard to be cool and get down with black music scenes. "Recruiting for the Big Parade" delivers a firsthand account of the Bad Day at the Pig Bay, and Kennedy's Cuban misadventure has some parallels with more recent botched invasions. It's not uniformly strong- the imagined apartment swap between Kafka and Freud is more What's New Pussycat? than Dr. Strangelove as far as farcical period comedies go. Anyway, just go to Amazon or the library and get hip already.

Catalog of Cool has an interview with Mr. Southern from 1982, when he was a staff writer at SNL.
  cool kids- black mags
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