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Monday, June 26, 2006
  cherish- how to snap

cherish teach you the difference between the snap dance, the poole palace, the westside walk, and the lean with it, rock with it. the music video sorta does the same thing, but this gives more context.

'here's some local culture that we love so much, and we're sharing it with the world. sure, we making money, but it's still pretty damn wholesome. i mean, part of our video is just sleepover girls dancing in a big sububan house.'
  lily allen- smile
  click on pic for full appreciation
how do you think star wars fans vote?

i tried to find the video, but it seems to have evaporated. i know the daily show had a clip...
Saturday, June 24, 2006
  personal criticisms

I find the new round of accusations of illegal drug use against Lance Armstrong very troubling. I not worried about the reputation of the sport, the history of his beloved tour, or the legacy of his alleged accomplishments. Instead, I am concerned for my conversational reputation. On several occassions, I repeated the sportswriter truisms that "Lance actually grew back stronger from cancer," that his near-death "allowed him to selectivly build back key muscle groups," and "blah, he has huge lungs blah, blah." I now admit that mindlessly repeated those observations in hopes of impressing my peers and furthering my own social career. In the face of NPR's faithful reporting, I concede that Lance Armstrong could have used drugs, but I will continue to persume his innocence until his guilt be proven by a court of law or the New York Times. I hope this confession helps bring closure for those who I have intentionally mislead as to my competence as a professional cycling commentator.

Unrelated, But More Important:
Hall and Oats' "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)" addresses the exact same lyrical and emotional themes as Meatloaf's "I Would Do Anything Thing For Love (But I Won't Do That)." This reveals an underlying symmetry and order in the universe.

after years of keeping it gangster at Oak Ridge Elementary, Kelly and Brian had become the most known unknowns.

Side 2 Side (Remix)- Three Six Mafia feat. Kanye West, Project Pat

ps- The prospect of Kanye rhyming about his grammy outfit made me want to post, but the picture made me post.
Wednesday, June 21, 2006
  it is hard to think that the end is not near

because i think i just saw an ad on tv that said something like "Dramatization: Orbit gum will not get you into Heaven."

What happened to this guy? He used to knock buildings over!

Tha Dogg Pound- New York, New York

I guess I'm still young enough to be bothered by commercialization. Let's hope I grow up soon and get that skrilla.
  born to roll
In addition to all sorts of real life adventures and exploits, I've been working on a west coast radio summer mix. I'm trying to only include sunshine state joints from 92-95. Four glorious summers, defined by the Chronic, the Predator and Doggystyle, a golden state age before the great rap war. I wanna capture the vibe of the good video

This song is on there. Xzhibit makes an appearance, before Dr. Dre signed him, and before x to the z was slanging custom car crap for mtv.

The Alkaholiks- DAAAM!!

According to the breaks, DJ Muggs used at least four songs, which are listed below.

Cal Tjader- Morning Mist
Bob James- Nautilus
Le Pamplemouse- Gimme What You Got
Dennis Edwards- Don't Look Any Further

Somehow that makes so much sense. G-funk sampling seemed to be more than just stealing a hook or thieving a bassline; the nods and references to parental house party records and barbeque radio jams aim to evoke a mythical adolescence before gangbangin, the teenage heyday before the AK and Dre Day.
Sunday, June 18, 2006
  the center of your own map

Until I get del.ici.ous going...

Congotronics and thumb pianos on NPR

Wes anderson's commercial for AmEx

The most insane music computer thing I've seen in a while (pictured at left)

Beautiful Song That Is More Widely Celebrated Than I Had Once Thought:

Jens Lekman- Maple Leaves
Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Well, I said I was going to do a series of soul posts, but then a little bit of life happened. I moved cities, bought the new copy of Wax Poetics, started researching the local music scene, and that's were my life went.

There's some pressure to hurt up and get professional, but let's take things slowed and throwed for a second. Most pop music is like soda. Most Texas Screw music is like drank-- soda mixed with codeine and cough syrup. Higher viscosity, less universal appeal, but still quite sweet. Highly addictive as well.

Musiq/Halfcrazy- Chopped & Screwed by OG Ron C

The picture at left comes from the TTL blog and re-up magazine. It's a bunch of samples from some ny producer's office, meticulously organized on floppy discs. Color-coded vintage art tech= swoon, sigh.
Thursday, June 08, 2006
  add soul to summer
It's time for some soul, and not just the electro and techno that's been running around here lately.

Lee Dorsey- Give It Up

This is from a Soul Jazz compilation called Saturday Night Fish: New Orleans Funk and Soul. I want to know so much more about this music and the cultures and personalities behind it. I want to go to the next door library and check out a 16 hour PBS documentary called Soul, because it's just as good as jazz or baseball, but I doubt that they have it or it exists. I will do better reporting and informing/relaying as Soul Week continunes.

Also: Snake on a Plane the internet phenomenon is just as interesting, bizarre and humorous as Snakes On A Plane the movie idea. I'm not sure if I'm sick of both yet.However, I am definetly sick of "Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code: The Movie: The Video Game: The TV Ad."
Sunday, June 04, 2006
  let your girlfriend do what your boyfriend can't
Mixed live nine or ten days ago. Perfect for a summer drive or two.

June mix- the progress

Mushaboom-Feist /Why You Wanna- T.I.

Got To Be A Love (Paul Nice Mix)- Greyboy feat. Sharon Jones

Girls Dem Sugar- Beanine Man feat. Mya & Pharell

Shout- Tears For Fears/ Ass on Fire- Busta Rhymes

I Get Around- Tupac Feat. Money B & Shock G

Got 'Til It's Gone (J Dilla Remix)- Janet Jackson Feat. Q-tip & Joni Mitchell

Big Chief- Professor Longhair/ Low Low Low Low (Acapella)- Trick Daddy

Get Dancey- New Young Pony Club

Seventeen (Soulwax Mix)- Ladytron/CameraPhone- Da Musicianz
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