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Thursday, March 02, 2006
  i'm dreaming my life away

Should this post be about internet stalking of artists and scene celebrities or depression? Let's start with their common point of departure.

To the left is Chan Marshall, a talented self taught musician who records as Cat Power. I posted her song "Free" a while ago, and she's got a new album, entitled The Greatest. Your local, or alternatively, your favorite alternative weekly should have a feature on her three weeks ago. Photo credit goes to epiclylater'd, an excellent photo blog run by one of the people at Vice Magazine.

Now, watch Cat Power's latest video, where she runs track in Britney Spears' red latex jumpsuit, bearing a cross, racing against young women in traditional Islamic veils. Harmony Korine, an experimental filmmaker most famous for his script for 1995's Kids, directs. The clips mixes the symbols of religion, war, race and celebrity to at least evoke, if not provoke, thought.

Livin Proof

I think that takes care of the internet-enabled obsession with minor-alt-culture-celebrities portion of this post. Here's one of the tracks from the Japanese import version of her aforementioned new album. It's an Everly Brothers cover. The original was popular sometime between when my parent's were in fourth grade and when they were in seventh.

Cat Power- Dreams

Do sad songs have to be sad? Her voice makes me think of a smoky night club, scratched hardwood floors dimly lit, the air filled with the persistent presence of the past. It's deeper than sad. It's decades of spilled drinks, terrible dates, sordid affairs, broken promises and missed little league games. Is itself music depressed? Is the singer? How can she sound like that? What is she really singing about, or better yet, what is she singing through?
cat power is a true genius and i get great joy from her music...great version of dream...
yo, i had this same thought the other day. i recently got 'the greatest' on cd and heard a bit of 'the covers record' by cat power. the sadness in 'the greatest' made me think about the great struggle that artists have with a darker side of themselves (so to speak). oddly, it's always like the sadness is a price to pay for the gift. i heard from reading the fader magazine's blog that her most recent tour was cancelled for an unnamed illness. go figure.
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