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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Firefox crashed, which means i lost my French crunk post, so here goes version deux. Recappadonna: Justice and sebastiAn are on Ed Bangers, and they do dark electro. Apparently a synthesizer crazed zombie, Kavinsky is another french dude working in the same territory. 20 Jazz Funk Greats has a good name, and just posted a Kavinsky track.

With today's artist, we leave Dr. Dre in 1988 and jump to Lil' Jon in 2004. TTC is three french MCs and DJ Orgasmic. Ceci N'Est Pas un Disque, the title of their 2002 album gives a good idea of their whole artistic program: this isn't the cultural history and context of hip-hop, but the style and representation of rap. TTC don't present themselves as street poets, hustlers or thugs. Instead, they're perfectly comfortable being some smoove guys that like girls, love clubs, and enjoy fitted hats. They just happen to rhyme well (insert forced simile about words flowing like champagne). While you might not understand the words, you'll still feel the beats. While French crunk is a great name for a genre, TTC's beats are much more in tune with contemporary European club hits, and DJ Orgasmic's production adds the digital snaps, crackles and pops in all the right places. This track will be old news for most bloggers, but take a listen if you missed it.

TTC-Dans Le Club

Cuiziner, who's name is an obscene pun on the French verb for cook, is the most charismatic member of the group. He released a "street tape" to the internet last year, which can be seen at left (Or, at up, depending on your browser). The Fader did a piece on TTC a while back, and ended their story with Cuizi-Cuiz speculating that the future of rap music isn't even beats or rhymes, but how Juelz Santana wears his bandana (double-wide, in case you were wondering). Leaving the prognosticating to the glossy magazines, listen how Orgasmic chops the sample up and adds Baltimore Club drums around the 40 second mark.

Cuizinier-Trés Chic (Ft. Teki)

TTC and Cuizi's emphasis on style over substance fits with what I said earlier about Justice and Uffie's focus on attitude and mood over narrative or message. Maybe that's why it's a theme week. Maybe it's something about Paris. For more less musing and more inside jokes, go to myspace. All of the artists I've talked about are on there, and they really want to be your internet friend.
Click HERE to read an exclusive interview with Uffie after her show @ Element in NYC!
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