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Monday, September 18, 2006
  socrates eats hemlock

Intro: It's been a long time since I wrote anything here. That has statistical implications. Something good or something bad is happening outside of the internet. I'm feeling pro-privacy and pro-fessional today, so I won't clue you in.

ITEM: Work at left by Peter Callsen. Skulls and skeletons are beginning to reach a design saturation point, but this is gentle, wry, and not the product of a photoshop half hour.

ITEM: I read most of a New Yorker today, and the writing reminds me of a beautiful hardwood floor. Polished, sturdy sentences built for the ages, lined up end to end and side by side, ready to support as much or as little intellectual weight as you choose. The Shouts and Murmurs are the latest trends in throw rugs. Shag is in, shag is out, but the floor staaaays.

ITEM: The NME vis-a-vis the bee elle oh gee-osphere has invented a new genre of music, creatively titled "neu rave." It's clever, but I hate it. I think the name only refers to the Klaxons at this point, and some vague impression of electronic artic monkeys or something. Call it the Bride of Electroclash, or merely recognize it as a made for glossy print media phenom and call it a day.

Pop-culture revivals usually plunder from the period precisely twenty years beforehand (what dusted-out historians used to call a "generation"). Witness the obssesion with seventies glam and "funk" throughout the middle nineties, and the contemporary revival of eighties fashion trends and new wave pop posturing. Cough, Lenny Kravitz and the Killers. As we lean into the second decade of the twenty-first, early British rave culture is due for a revival, and has begun making threats. Glowsticks, rainbows, baggy pants, synthetic fibers, lazers, etc. The neo hippie combination of utopian drugs and youth entitlement doesn't do much for me, but there might some good music lurking somewhere. Let's see, shall we? These are two acid tracks from the hood-famous hollerboard.

VIM-Maggie's Last Party

Maurice- This is Acid

I'll keep poking around.

ITEM: I have recently been involuntarily exposed to large doses of both emo and metal. They're both hugely popular, and suck in pretty much the same ways. I'm told there are good songs in both categories, but I've only heard evidence for metal. Bad metal is preferable to bad emo.

CONCLUSION: Mo betta blogging to come.
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